Moving to California, a Life Change, and a Dream.

Laguna Beach, California

It's been almost a year now since I've packed up my life and moved all the way across the country. Moving from Philadelphia to California was such an enormous life change, and I think that I've only really gotten used to everything in the past few months. I have dreamed of living here since I was a child, and now that I am finally here I feel as if I am living my dreams.


Since I've been in Laguna, I feel like one of the most common questions I've been asked is "What was the move like, how did you do it?" And to answer that question very quickly, it was with the love and support of my friends and family, and by taking a running leap of faith. It was terrifying though. Things broke, I cried, but Richard, my loving fiance, and all of my lovely neighbors in Laguna quickly reminded me why I made this decision. 


Being in California has inspired me to take everything to the next level. The environment here livens me, inspires me, I can't help but want to be my best, and do my best. In a place that I truly feel there is nowhere on earth I'd rather be, it's hard to not feel that way. I walk on the beach most mornings, and I walk to my gallery and paint all day. The neighbors that recognize me, and take time out of their days to talk to me remind me of how kind and loving humans can be. It truly strengthens my faith in the world. Having such a connection with my surroundings has helped me connect with myself on a higher level. I have so much pride for this area, and that love pours into a higher pride for my work.


With the sand between my toes,
I watch the waves, their tos and fros.
I wonder where the waves have been,
Their lovely lives I now am in.
From coast to coast,
We both have gone,
And now I see
The coming dawn.




April 01, 2019 — Lindsay Rapp

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