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Look past what meets the eye and into your own reality

It is my passion to elevate the beauty I see in the world around me and in the people who inspire me as my muses. There is magic everywhere and in everyone if we take the time to truly see. Using rare, precious materials like real iridescent seashells from the ocean, 24k gold, copper, plex-sea glass, and dichroic materials along with classical oil paints used by the masters, I try to evoke energy through the materials themselves along with my personal forms of expression. My paintings are my perception of people, our spirit, and the world as a beautiful magical place to be revered and fully felt to our core.

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Commission a Custom Painting

Creating a customized commission painting for someone to love, cherish, and pass down for generations is one of the most fulfilling experiences for me as an artist. It is my absolute honor to be chosen as your artist to create something so personal and special just for you.

Introducing the Lindsay Rapp Gallery Tail

Wearable art for the water in collaboration with Cape Cali! This design was inspired by my original painting "Moonlit Siren" as that was one of my favorite mermaid tails I've painted. The body of the tail features brushed mother of pearl as I usually love to include on my mermaids, and the flowy fluke of the tail is covered with the same brushwork from my original painting. I loved creating a brushy ombre from an icy aqua blending into a luminescent violet.

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