Art is Love

Art is everywhere.

Whenever you pour your soul into something, it becomes creative, it becomes part of your magic. 

The way we wear our hair, the clothes we choose, how you prepare your food and set the table, arrange flowers, the mannerisms we collect, our smiles, our laughs, the way we treat others, our habits, how we decorate our space, the places we visit and the activities we do, the way we connect to others and show our love towards each other. There is energy in the words you speak, the thoughts you think.

The energy you create has more power then you could ever imagine.

Be inspired, do things with creativity, & with love. Be authentic. Be you. Shine.

"I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."

-Vincent van Gogh

February 14, 2016 — Lindsay Rapp


Valentina Cañizales

Valentina Cañizales said:

What an inspiration you are to me. I’m still thinking about making art as a profession. As an immigrant and coming from a really rough country I get scared about that decision from time to time. But every time I see your art, your passion, your gallery, your care about our precious oceans you just make me come back to where my heart belongs with no hesitations, no doubts, no limitations. Your example speaks to all the artistic souls out there to reminds us the beautiful and mesmerizing things we can make with our hands and lots lots of love. Therefore thank you for the courage to have taken art as your profession and share to the world your incredible talent!

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