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"Santa Barbara Beach"
Original Painting

Monthly Payment Plan
 Private collection in San Francisco, California
  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • 48" x 56"
  • For a summer, I lived and traveled the coast of California with my father. It was a beautiful and inspiring time getting closer with my father as well as closer to my inspiration of the ocean. He showed me where he use to live in Santa Barbara. He showed me his favorite beaches he'd like to excape to just to clear his mind and enjoy God's creation of nature. We hiked up a little cliff together and this was the view from the top. Absolutely beautiful place.

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Payment Plans

Only available for Original Artwork & Custom Commission Paintings.

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Sometimes for special cases, I will agree to do a longer payment plan.

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If mind is changed mid process, 25% of total price will be kept as a re-stocking fee.

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