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"Ocean Shift"
Original Painting

Monthly Payment Plan
 Private collection in Thomasville, NC

  • mixed media on cradled wood
  • 14" x 11"
  • Ocean Shift depicts the beautifully delicate, almost cosmic-like luminous effects of water. Utilizing a special technique with paint in order to create shifts within the piece, Ocean Shift is characterized by a variety of rich, bold and yet, at times, subtle additions of colors that complement one another among quiet detailing of gold and metallic hues. Purples, blues, pinks, greens and golds run into one another to form an enchanting combination of colors which shift together with each movement of the eye around the canvas.
Payment Plans

Only available for Original Artwork & Custom Commission Paintings.

I offer 7 options of payment plans:

Sometimes for special cases, I will agree to do a longer payment plan.

Once the first payment is made, I will mark the painting as "Sold" online and in the art gallery.  
Artwork will continue to be displayed in the gallery until payment plan is completed.  
Shipping will be charged separately once payments are completed.
If mind is changed mid process, 25% of total price will be kept as a re-stocking fee.

Visit my contact page or Email me at art@lindsayrappgallery.com if interested in this option!