Mermaid Tail designed by Lindsay Rapp


Introducing The Lindsay Rapp GalleryTail

Our top of the line GalleryTails are wearable art for the water! Graceful and beautiful, these tails feature original art created by some of the most talented mermaids of the mermaiding community.

Made to fit the neutrally buoyant Mahina monofin, these tails don’t have a casing, making them lightweight and agile for the absolute best possible mermaiding experience.  The 4-way stretch scuba knit fabric is thick, breathable and quick drying - it adds a layer of warmth without weighing you down.

The colorful and unique mermaid scale art, created in the Cape Cali studio, will stay vivid for years to come as a result of advanced sublimation printing techniques. 

A Cape Cali exclusive, made in collaboration with Lindsay Rapp

Made to order in Southern California, allow 4-5 weeks for production

  • Made in the USA
  • 4-way stretch durable scuba knit fabric
  • Elastic waistband
  • YKK invisible zipper in fluke
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry
  • Made to fit the Mahina MerFin monofin, also fits the Linden monofin   


The Lindsay Rapp GalleryTail was created to fit the Mahina monofin

Size M - Back ordered, estimated shipping September
Size S - Estimated shipping August 23

The sleek design of the monofin provides the wearer with an authentic mermaid swimming experience. The functional monofin is designed for performance, speed & propulsion through the water.

Neutrally buoyant, soft and flexible, the Mahina monofin is light as a feather and won’t weigh the swimmer down. The blade is designed for a soft & fluid motion through the water, while giving swift propulsion & speed. Once on, it feels as if it is a natural extension of your body.

* Made from natural and recycled rubber
* Mahina monofin is the first functional rubber mermaid fin of its kind

For longer swims we recommend wearing scuba socks, like these.

International customers:

Cape Cali is an approved reseller of the Mahina MerFin within the USA.  Because of shipping logistics and cost, we ask that our international customers order directly through Mahina Mermaid here:


Domestic orders:

USPS has been taking several days longer than usual because of Covid-19, please allow up to a week from the time your order is shipped until it arrives. The Mahina monofin ships directly from Texas.


Cape Cali DiveTails should only be used with a monofin by adults who are competent swimmers.  Use safe practices and swim only when conditions permit, never swim in treacherous or uncertain waters.  Never swim alone, beyond your ability or under the influence.  Misuse could result in injury or death.

Be responsible, be safe and keep mermaiding alive!