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Sitting Mer 40" Paint Texture Print

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18" x 24" High Difficulty
for Alyssa Litanski

$9,000 Official Value
- $2,000 Discount
= $7,000 Your Discounted Price
(+ shipping & handling)
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Because of Lindsay's strong feelings of inspiration and emotional connection with this idea you have requested for her to create, we have made a special exception on lowering pricing for you. Please do not publicly disclose this discounted price point, as the normal value that Lindsay's clients and collectors pay for a Commission piece of similar size & difficulty is usually $9,000.


  • Once the first payment is made, a spot will be reserved specifically for you in Lindsay's painting queue!
  • After you are finished paying for half of your commission piece, Lindsay would love to do a 30 minute meet and greet FaceTime session with you to get a feel of who you are, as as well as your vision. This helps her to better channel her interpretation of your energy and your narrative into the artwork. After this important meeting with you, she will begin the creation process of your special piece.
  • If you requested to be part of the creative process and view Lindsay's digital concept sketch before she paints the piece, then after her FaceTime session with you, she will begin working on the photoshop sketch.
    • If you approve after she sends you the digital file, Lindsay will begin to paint the piece right away using that as her point of reference!
    • If you instead request a round of revisions for improvements, Lindsay will do a round of revisions for you totally complimentary! After she sends you the revised digital file, if you request a second round of revisions, extra costs will be associated with this at $400 per hour. Lindsay aims to get the photoshop digital sketch perfect for you on the first try, and usually does so historically. In the past, when changes had been requested, there has usually been no need to do more than the first complimentary round of revisions.
  • After Lindsay is given all instructions & reference images by you, (and is given approval of her digital concept sketch for you, if requested), it is important that once Lindsay starts painting the piece, that the client gives her full creative freedom & acceptance of her artistic choices:
    • I grant Lindsay the right to take creative liberties with the creative process. I am granting her the creative right to change anything to be different from my requests and reference images. I understand that although she will try her best, that she does not guarantee to capture the likeness of the model(s). I understand that she will try her very best to create the most beautiful piece she possibly can, pouring all of her heart and soul into it. I understand that she will take all my requests to heart, but she will follow her creative spirit in the moment and will paint what is artistically true to her eye.
    • I understand there is no ability to make changes after Lindsay unveils the finished piece. The only time to request changes is in the photoshop stage before she begins to paint. I also understand that although she will try her hardest, she does not guarantee that the end product will look like the approved photoshop digital sketch image.
  • Lindsay retains all Copyrights & Reproduction Rights; she may create prints of any size and material of this piece if she chooses to do so. Artwork’s image may not be reproduced by any process without the artist's express written permission.
  • Shipping will be charged separately once payments are completed. Artwork will be shipped after all payments are made including shipping charges. To receive a quote early, please email us your shipping address at any time, and we can get an exact quote to you as soon as possible.
  • This quote above & agreed upon due date expires 30 days after this link is sent to you via email.
    • Quote expiring after 30 days due to the agreed upon finish date: Every day within a month makes a big difference to Lindsay for creating your special painting on time while maintaining the highest level of quality possible. Ordering the expensive rare custom materials for your painting takes a lot of time; as well as the creative process for conceptualizing the vision, & the time intensive painting techniques used to create your piece. This quote takes into consideration how much time you are giving Lindsay to complete your painting.
      • If you need longer than 30 days to consider, that is totally fine! However, we may need to give the time slot that we initially tentatively reserved for you in Lindsay's painting queue to another client who is ready to pay. Do not worry though, we can absolutely reserve a new slot for you later if you need longer than 30 days to consider! We just might need to either change the due date to keep the price as similar as possible to our current quote to give Lindsay the same amount of time to paint the piece, or raise the price for a quicker turn around time if you have a hard deadline for your desired due date! If too much more time than 30 days passes while you are considering things, Lindsay may not be able to finish the piece by your deadline, however Lindsay would still love to paint for you if you don't mind it taking longer.
    • Quote expiring after 30 days due to increasing value: Lindsay's artwork's value is always rising as her clientele and requests for commission artwork is constantly growing; yet her intricate, time intensive process and rare jewel like materials, leaves her originals & commission paintings feeling scarce as their value appreciates with growing demand. It is a common occurrence for her commission time slots within her painting queue to be completely booked, and for her original paintings to be totally sold out.
      • If you need longer than 30 days to consider moving forward with this commission, we totally understand! It is better to take your time and feel as confident as possible before moving forward with this big investment. Whenever you are ready to revisit doing a commission with Lindsay, we can re-coordinate logistics and create a new pricing quote for you anytime!
  • All payments are final/non refundable.
    • This is because we reserve a large section of time in Lindsay's painting queue specific for you while turning away other possible customers. This is also because of the care, thought, coordination, and time put in towards you as our top priority in customer service by the Gallery Mermaids, Sarah & Emma. This is lastly important because of the expensive, rare materials purchased custom for your piece, as well as all the creative energy, loving passionate inspiration, and long intensive hard work put in by Lindsay towards your piece. We each put in our all at every step of the process to create the best experience possible for you! ♥