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__" x __" Level __
__-Month Payment Plan for _____

  • Once you are finished paying for half of your commission piece I will begin painting it. I cannot wait to start on this inspired project!
  • Shipping will be charged separately once payments are completed. Artwork will be shipped after all payments are made including shipping charges.
  • This same link can be re-visited at any time & purchased from until the artwork is 100% yours! I will be sending you this same link in an automatic monthly email for you to make each installment.
  • Payments are non refundable.
  • Total Price: $0,000 - _____ Discount
    = $0,000 (+ shipping & handling)
  • 1st Month: $___
    2nd Month: $___
    3rd Month: $___
    Last Month: $___ ~ End of Payment Plan