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"Elizabethan Mermaid"
Original Painting
in Private Collection
at New York City, New York

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 Private Collection in New York City, New York
  • oil, acrylic, ink & spray paint on mylar
  • 60" x 42"
  • Inspired by the transcendent beauty of the ocean, this painting represents the ethereal, magnificent allure of an underwater world. The female form is depicted as being one with the ocean, the embodiment of it in female form. She is at once light and dark, bold yet serene; the strength of the tide and the gentle idleness of the waves. She is shrouded in mystery, both a woman and the ocean, her dress the unworldly tandem an ocean world. Genuine mother of pearl shell was used to reflect the rich hues and iridescent tones of light playing amongst the ocean floor, gold leafing weaved throughout her hair. Her radiance is magnified by the exquisite use of bold colours, the wonderment of the female form.

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