"Summer Wave"
Original Painting
in Private Collection at Laguna Beach, California

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  • mixed media on Plexiglass Mounted Wood
  • 42" x 70"
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    This wave, I actually painted in Philly in excitement and anticipation for my move here to Southern California. Painting this piece, I was so filled with love, excitement, and joy as I was dreaming of my happy future in my dream location of Laguna Beach. This piece, first showed at my Grand Finale in Philly, was the painting that my now Fiancé chose to propose to me in front of. Now after moving across the country, this painting is the centerpiece of my Laguna Beach art gallery, during the Grand Opening and currently still today. It has drawn people off the street more than anything I’ve ever painted before, people have remarked at the positive energy they feel from this piece. This wave is filled with so much love and happiness and has been there with me during all of my recent happiest pivotal experiences. This piece is incredibly special to me, and I hope you feel all of its love, excitement and joy that I poured into it. 
    As I painted this large piece, it gave me a panoramic experience while painting, as if I’m actually there in the water. This wave, I wanted to portray as a happy little wave by the shore, that invites the viewer to want to be there, to want to interact and play with this wave. This wave is about the joy, excitement, wonder and playfulness of the water. The way it moves, and how it inspires something carnal in humans and animals to want to jump in it, interact, play with it, and ride this beautiful living sparkling energy of moving water.