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"Sea of Thoughts"
Original Painting
in Private Collection
at New York

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 Private Collection in New York
  • Mixed Media on Mylar Mounted Wood
  • 24" x 18"
  • Sea of Thoughts represents the beautiful collision of our emotions. Like the sea, so often tumultuous and unpredictable, yet oddly serene and reliable in its beauty, our thoughts and emotions create an onrush of energy, inspiring us at the same time that they shape us. The female form is depicted here as being a part of the ocean, at once born from it whilst embodying it; her mind the extension of a crashing sea, a splashing wave. She feels deeply, intensely, every fibre of her being alight with the strength of her emotions as the sea is alight with the beauty of its ever-changing tide. The raw, uninhibited and passionate application of bold colors, rich hues, deep tones and fauvist painting techniques represent that collision of emotion and the beauty from which it emerges.

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