Past Commissions

Gallery of Select Past Commissions


"Moonlit Siren"

A loving husband commissioned me to paint his beautiful wife as a magical mermaid in honor of her birthday.

 Private collection in L os Alamitos, California
  • mixed media on mylar mounted wood
  • mermaid tail is genuine mother of pearl 
  • 36" x 24"
  • This piece is inspired by the enchanting, otherworldly beauty of the Siren. She is the mystery and ethereal beauty of the oceanic world around her.


"Stairway to Heaven"

This is a commissioned painting based off a song very dear to the owner's heart, Stairway to Heaven.

Private collection in New York, New York
  • mixed media on mylar mounted wood
  • dress is pure, genuine mother of pearl
  • 36" x 36"
  • There walks a lady we all know
    Who Shines white light and wants to show
    How ev'rything still turns to gold.
    And she's buying a stairway to heaven.

    -Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven



This commissioned portrait piece was inspired by my previous painting entitled, "River Dancer".

 Private collection in New Delhi, India
  • Mixed Media on Mylar Mounted Wood
  • dress is pure, genuine abalone shell
  • 36" x 36"
  • This painting celebrates the sensuality of the female form and the gracefulness of movement. She is an extension of the stream's flow of swirling water dancing around her.


"The Donut Experiment"

Commissioned by a loving husband and wife in honor of opening up their dream Donut Shop together on Clearwater Beach.

 On Public Display at the Donut Experiment on Clearwater Beach, Florida
  • Mixed Media on Mylar Mounted Plexiglass
  • Metallic Leafing around the Donuts
  • 44" x 42"
  • This painting done in hyper-realism celebrates the joy of these colorful, decadent dessert pastries.



This commissioned painting was inspired by my other piece entitled, "Mon'Amie".

 Private collection in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Mixed Media on Mylar Mounted Wood
  • Bodice is pure, genuine mother of pearl
  • 72" x 42"
  • In Greek mythology, Naiads were nymphs who presided over small bodies of fresh water-- which were thought to be endowed with inspirational, medicinal, or prophetic powers. Thus the Naiads were in association with divinities of fertility and growth.