About The Artist

About The Artist
Lindsay Rapp


Tucked among Philadelphia’s network of art galleries in Old City is Lindsay Rapp Gallery.

Born and raised in Florida, my passion for painting was discovered at the young age of 4, when I was published in thousands of calendars and interviewed on television. My parents and I still laugh together about this recording...
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Endless hours of my youth were spent at the beach, painting and analyzing the colorful movement of the waves. My brother & I were basically raised on a sailboat. My dad, also a recreational surfer, passed down his love of water to me. He would always teach me about the waves and beauty in the ocean... Since then, I’ve always been really pulled towards the sea.

Fueled by curiosity and an eagerness to grow in my craft, I left my small beach town in 2009 to attend a dual degree program in Philadelphia, at both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania. My days were spent earning my college degrees and my sleepless nights were spent creating paintings in the studio.

Much of my inspiration comes from dreams and memories of the beach in Florida as well as my travels around the world to different bodies of water.   During my travels, I felt driven to create artwork to help raise awareness and funds to help conserve the ocean and the marine life in it.

In 2015, at the age of 24, I opened my own Lindsay Rapp Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia. I have taken on the roles of independent businesswoman, gallery owner, marine conservationist, and artist.

Philadelphia has inspired my art by strengthening my identity and connection to the ocean as my home.

A Percentage of All Art Sales are Dedicated Towards
Ocean Conservation Charities