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"River Dancer"
Original Painting
in Private Collection
at Oxnard, California

Monthly Payment Plan
 Private Collection in Oxnard, California
  • oil, acrylic and mylar on cradled wood
  • 16" x 16"
  • This painting celebrates the sensuality of the female form, the gracefulness of movement, the worship of intangible beauty. She becomes one with the river, her body an extension of the swirling, colliding flow of water around her. She is an extension of the stream, the bold, rushing power of the water, consumed by hues of dark blues, deep greens and light reflections of sun as it coyly moves along the waves. She is one with the world around her, both consumed and reborn, dancing along the current.

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    Even though most artists don't offer payment plans, I personally LOVE to offer these Payment Plans as an option since it offers more people the opportunity to own original artwork! Nothing is nearly as captivating as owning the original painting, no matter how high quality the prints are. I really care about making these precious original paintings more accessible and affordable for you in this way! I hope that you like this option!