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"Arctic Majesty"
Original Painting
in Private Collection at Elk Grove, CA

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  • “Arctic Majesty” She stands in a mysterious and protective pose. Likewise, the Arctic Ocean is one of the most mysterious oceans. Much about it is still unknown as that region is hard to access. The Arctic Ocean is also the smallest ocean of the sea. Even with its small size, it affects the whole world and our daily lives. It helps the world balance our weather and water patterns. Climate change is affecting that area the most in the world. As the Arctic Ocean changes, it affects our whole world. We can all help protect this fragile beautiful balance of the ocean in seemingly small ways like using reusable bags at the grocery store, avoiding products with more plastic wrapping, trying to not use disposable straws, every person counts and every small decision helps make a difference (for better or for worse). Let’s make the world a better place and protect the oceans smallest sister, Arctic Majesty.
  • mixed media including genuine iridescent shell on plexiglass mounted on wood
  • 14" x 11"
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